Whatsapp Masterclass

Whatsapp Masterclass

Become effective communicator in 21st
Century from the comfort of your home

Our IT-driven training takes time factor into consideration

Courses offered include the following:

Creative Writing

This is the first of all our courses (in communication training) that every student is introduced to in that it deals with the rudiment of communications such as: sentences, grammar, compositions, paragraphing and letter writing among others.

News Gathering & Writing

This is the course that enlightens students more on techniques used in covering planned and unplanned news events, as well as, how to write collated information as new stories.

Basic of Digital Marketing

This course is all dedicated to business marketing in the 21st century. Advertising and publicity has moved from predominant traditional media with revenues shared with ICT. Therefore, students are introduced to multiple, cheap methods of Marketing.

Online Journalism

The next course that students are introduced to is this ever relevant Online Journalism which deals with writing for online audiences – looking into: nature of online media, tools, style of writing, attribution, and audience engagement with more.

Publication Development

This course introduces students to ‘how to develop  print publications’, such as: books, magazines, newspapers, tabloids and others in their class. Of course, it also takes referencing into considerations.

Media Regulating Laws

Specifically, this course enlightens students on how to guide against slanderous and libelous publications, as well as, the prevention of defamation of character. Among other things are methods of government control of the media and child rights protection.

Public Speaking

After all the courses above are offered to students, then we introduce this one to polish their spoken English competencies. This is done with the understanding that business communication is not only written but verbal also: hence, students would learn (among others) speech development, speech making, public appearance and microphone handling.

Intro. to Service Rendering

Last but not the least is this course that empowers students on how to start own business in media services successfully. Part of what is taught include: understanding media house environment and how it operates, various ways to generate revenues and remain in market demands.

Payments, Registration Procedure...

One-Time Payment

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Just N10,750

Selective Payment

Select the course you would like to pay for and click on the small blue button that appears beside your selection to pay.

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Please, note the following if you were paying directly into our bank account:

  • Pay N10, 750 if you would attend all courses.

  • Pay N2,150 for individual course you desire.

Reasons you should take this training?

Convenience… We live in a time where time management is paramount, for this reason, you do not need to leave your house or office to attend this training – yet, knowledge acquisition is guaranteed for all students.

No miss-out… You, definitely, cannot miss out of any of the teachings as long as you make payment and are registered. Even if your attention was needed while the class is on – you only need to log on Whatsapp again.

Proper coordination and organisation… This is nonnegotiable with us because we take sanity of all students seriously. To engender serene learning environment – questions are to be sent to a dedicated number (outside the group). Meanwhile, for the benefits of all – responses to questions are sent into the Whatsapp Class at the end of each teaching.

Materials are provided to all registered students… You would be added to the Whatsapp Class once you pay and fill the registration form. After being added to the class, you would receive e-Copies of the materials of the specific courses that you register for. Thus, you will be able to use the materials for further studies on each course.

After training appraisal… We offer students the opportunity to test their knowledge derived from the training at the end. Each student is given an assignment, on each course, to attempt and submit which then contributes to the overall grading of the student.

Graded certificate… While success is not predicated upon the possession of certificate we understand its significance for how would it be confirmed that you truly partake in such training? Hence, we would grade your certificate with your overall scores which are to be determined by assignments and your virtual IT with us.

Continuous business relationship… Completion of this training will not be end of relationships between you and us or with other students. Instead, after this training, every student shall be added into a Telegram Group where business deals are to be brokered free of charge. The purpose of that group is to increase opportunities among all participants but a student will only be added after the training.

Direct business relationship with us… Participating in this training automatically qualifies every student to deal directly with OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT. In other words, every student becomes our business partner especially when a student turns out to be very knowledgeable based on the teachings received from this training. We would be glad to have you.

About us

We organise an annual Leadership Ethics ConferenceLEC; run an online publication, Hierarchy Magazine; conduct trainings; and run a digital downloading platform.

Our mission

To impact individuals in the society for social-responsibility, as well as, creating the sense of concern in reducing social-vices, through tutoring.


Participants, after this training, will be able to:

Start new business in media services.

Make creative ideas of different media services.

Understand how to handle media relations to enhance sales.

Handle in-house publications.

Engage the use of social media & digital marketing to boost resources.

Understand the processes of print media productions.

Write all forms of literary work.

Understand how to establish & manage online publication.

Have enhanced productivity at work place.

Increase own business resources.

Handle in-house publicity.

Develop a better approach to writing.

Understand proper referencing of sourced materials.

Acquire competence in Rules of Grammar.

Know how to gather & write news.

Run own print or online media.

Grading Methods








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TRAINING SCHEDULE - April 20-25, 2020

(Monday: April 20, 2020) – 10:00am.

(Tuseday: April 21, 2020) – 12noon.

(Thursday: April 23, 2020) – 12noon.

(Saturday: April 25, 2020) – 10:00am.

(Monday: April 20, 2020) – 2:00pm.

(Wednesday: April 22, 2020) – 12noon.

(Friday: April 24, 2020) – 12noon.

(Saturday: April 25, 2020) – 2:00pm.