You can now attend Public Speaking as stand alone course

You can now attend Public Speaking as stand alone course

This attempt was made to allow members of the public attend Public Speaking as a stand alone course based on the series of requests by people interested in the course.

It was discovered that some people do not want to attend the Business Leverages System and, also, do not want to apply for all courses under Grandeur Communicator – yet have interest in the public speaking course which was exclusive to BLS until now.

To avail such people the opportunity they need for personal development, registration is now being accepted for Public Speaking course, as a stand alone. This means that whoever is registering for some or all courses in Grandeur Communicator and still desires to register for Public Speaking will do so by registering for Public Speaking separately from other courses.

Procedures of Registration

To attend Public Speaking as a stand alone course (for those who are registering for courses under Grandeur Communicator, alone) pay N5, 250 into:




Or click the  blue Online Payment button below:

Then register by filling the registration form here. Kindly note that this course is available during the yearly three editions of our training (in the 4th week of any session), as well as, for private sessions.

Yearly Sessions of Training




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