Complete Media Communication Courses

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Training Benefits

Participants of this training will, at the end of it, be able to:

  1. Write books: fiction, non-fiction, prose, drama, essays.
  2. Write articles of all categories.
  3. Understand rules of grammar.
  4. Market their businesses on social media, email campaign, online and mobile marketing – with little cost, to maximise own profits.
  5. Protect their works with copyright law.
  6. Use copyrighted works without falling prey to the law.
  7. Understand various means by which government regulates the media.
  8. Produce works that will contribute to societal/nation building.
  9. Produce works that protect the children.
  10. Understand the duties of the media toward government, the society and the children.
  11. Gather information and write it for publication.
  12. Know how to write news articles.
  13. Start own online or print publication.
  14. Run a group or organisation publication.
  15. Publish online.
  16. Know how to use the internet to gather and disseminate information.
  17. Create, design and manage blog/website.
  18. Know the styles of writing for online publication.
  19. Run own online media.
  20. Use hyperlinks, integrate social media in site.
  21. Face the crowd and deliver a professional speech.
  22. Learn how to prepare well outlined speeches.
  23. Understand how to use gestures to attract the attention of their audiences.
  24. Learn how to prepare well researched speeches.
  25. Become confident of their skills.
  26. Develop all forms of publication: books, magazines, journals, press releases, newsletters, advertisements, and flyers.
  27. Set up a media organisation.
  28. Edit manuscripts.
  29. Understand the processes of developing and printing a publication.
  30. Become media consultants.
  31. Understand various services to render.
  32. Start their own media services businesses.
  33. Enjoy business referral from us.


– Mentorship after the training (all students are to be added into our Telegram Group for the purpose of mentorship and Business Opportunities).

– Certificate of Participation (graded) to be offered after training, in PDF:

  • 100-80 (Excellent).
  • 79-60 (V. Good).
  • 59-45 (Good).
  • 44-39 (Fair).
  • 38 below (Poor).
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Course Contents:

– Creative Writing:

  • Introduction
  • Parts of speech
  • Sentences
  • Concord in English language
  • Wrongly used words and their correct usages
  • Paragraphing
  • Figures of speech
  • Punctuations
  • Forms of creative writing
  • Things to note while developing creative writings
  • Terminologies of creative writing
  • Sources of creative writing ideas
  • References

– Basics of Digital Marketing:

  • Overview of online advertising
  • Development of online marketing
  • How online marketing is rendered
  • Compensation methods
  • Benefits of the online advertising
  • Various concerns over online advertising
  • Are there regulations on online advertising?
  • Building a reputation online and on social media
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Market segmentation
  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Online merchant stores
  • Content development & marketing
  • The SEO

– Intro. to Media Regulating Laws:

  • Introduction
  • The protection of children
  • Regulating agencies and their duties
  • Copyright issues
  • Referencing for publications
  • Bibliography listings
  • Government control of the media
  • Government control of seditious publications
  • Freedom of information act (FoI)
  • Civil law and criminal law
  • The law of defamation of character
  • Publishing stories from press conferences
  • There are defences to accusation of defamation
  • References

– Basics of News Gathering and Writing:

  • Introduction
  • What is news?
  • Who is a journalist
  • Where to get news stories
  • Writing a clean news story
  • Formats of writing a copy for submission
  • Classification of news
  • Features or characteristics of news
  • Elements of news
  • How to cover predictable and unpredictable news events
  • Channels of news dissemination
  • Nature of news organisation
  • What could make a bad news copy
  • Using relevant story leads to keep readers on a story
  • Gathering political news
  • Increasing profits form news publications
  • References

– Intro. to Online Journalism:

  • Introduction
  • Channels of online journalism
  • Gadgets for online journalism
  • Characteristics of online stories
  • Enabling visibility for your online publication
  • When writing for online publication
  • News monitoring and news re-writing
  • Roles of the media in the society
  • Developing and managing a website
  • References

– Public Speaking:

  • Introduction
  • Themes, concepts and issues
  • Rhetorical theory and analysis
  • Creating the speech
  • Purposes of public speaking
  • Methods of delivery
  • Audience analysis
  • Language usage
  • Delivery
  • Overcoming communication anxiety

– Publication Development:

  • Introduction
  • Types of publications
  • Classifications of publications
  • Developing a publication
  • Conventional advert sizes for publication
  • Processes of publication production
  • The need for media relations
  • Copy editing: processes and reasons
  • Qualities of a copy editor
  • Processes of copy editing
  • Functions of a copy editor?
  • Tools needed by a copy editor
  • Reasons for copy editing
  • Referencing for publications
  • Bibliography listings
  • Academics numbering format
  • Bibliographies listing
  • References

– Intro. to Service Rendering:

  • Introduction
  • Qualities of an entrepreneur
  • Types of enterprises to operate
  • Setting up a business venture
  • Understanding your business publics
  • An entrepreneur as a manager
  • Generating business ideas
  • Why a business may fail
  • Role of government in entrepreneurship development
  • Marketing
  • Market segmentation
  • Rendering media services
  • References

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