Intro. to Media Regulating Laws

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Course Benefits

Participants of this course will, at the end of it, be able to:

  1. Protect their works with copyright law.
  2. Use copyrighted works without falling prey to the law.
  3. Understand various means by which government regulates the media.
  4. Produce works that will contribute to societal/nation building.
  5. Produce works that protect the children.
  6. Understand the duties of the media toward government, the society and the children.


– Mentorship after the training (all students are to be added into our Telegram Group for the purpose of mentorship and Business Opportunities).

– Certificate of Participation (graded) to be offered after training, in PDF:

  • 100-80 (Excellent).
  • 79-60 (V. Good).
  • 59-45 (Good).
  • 44-39 (Fair).
  • 38 below (Poor).
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Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The protection of children
  • Regulating agencies and their duties
  • Copyright issues
  • Referencing for publications
  • Bibliography listings
  • Government control of the media
  • Government control of seditious publications
  • Freedom of information act (FoI)
  • Civil law and criminal law
  • The law of defamation of character
  • Publishing stories from press conferences
  • There are defences to accusation of defamation
  • References

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